Winter Solstice 2014

in General, Poetry


On rudderless barque from dream-filled dark
I aimlessly drift from naught
through currents & mind-shoals (some vague; others stark)
to emerge into conscious thought.

As I rise to anticipate dawn’s crimson gleam
through the rooms of my home I roam,
decorations and pine-scent craft a memory-stream,
waking themes: fellowship and shalom.

My holiday tree and candles ablaze
like the yuletide log of yore
remind me to pause midst the seasonal craze
and hold time to reflect and explore.

On this threshold of solstice, the year’s longest night
I revere & embrace ancient grace
honoring both fecund darkness and nurturing light;
the values of both I embrace.

My life, as for most, includes sadness & pain,
and at moments despair floods my troth.
But as day flows from darkness so can troubles contain
the bright seedpods of wisdom and growth.

From gestational dream-land clear thoughts may emerge.
So ‘midst harsh world events my prayer calls:
May we hunger to live where diversities converge,
with peace rooted in grace; love for all.