Supervision and Consultation

I have worked as a delegated supervisor for predoctoral psychology interns since 2002. I have also supervised ACSWs. I am trained in the different licensing requirements for psychologists, LCSWs, and MFTs. I have completed the legal requirements for supervisors for all of these licenses, and in addition have completed much of the training to become a CAMFT Certified Supervisor.

In addition, licensed professionals have engaged me as a consultant either for a number of sessions over time, or regarding specific topics. These topics have included:

  • Therapist self-care
  • Transgender issues (MTF & FTM)
  • Working with couples
  • Working with children
  • Working with gay youth
  • Multiculturalism within the therapeutic relationship
  • School-based therapy
  • Managing countertransference
  • Narrative therapy
  • Assessing and working with Axis II clients

I have provided consultation both in a formal, structured relationship as well as spontaneously, depending on the situation and needs.

Much of my supervisory experience has been gained through my work at California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC), where I supervise psychology interns and train them to provide effective school-based psychotherapy for children. As such, I train and supervise the interns in many aspects of psychotherapy, including the legal and ethical requirements of our professions.

Fees for consultation vary based on your specific needs. My rates are very competitive. At CPMC I also provide supervision and consultation for professionals providing services to adults and youth in community-based clinics.

Please contact me for a free consultation and pricing details based on your specific needs. References available on request.