You will find many links throughout this website, on pages where they are relevant. I have repeated them here, for a complete listing, along with additional sites for each topic, that you may find helpful.

Addiction and Recovery

Al-Anon & Alateen Organizations

Al-Anon & Alateen information for Northern California. These organizations are for anyone who is affected by someone else’s drinking or use, such as friends or family members.

Alcoholics Anonymous Resources

A list of many resources related to Alcoholics Anonymous, including history, meetings, definitions, etc.


The site for LifeRing, a program to find sobriety that is not 12-step based. This is a network of support groups for people who want to live free of alcohol and other addictive drugs.

Bay Area Recovery Resources

A list of resources, questions, meetings, etc. in the SF Bay Area. Includes questions to help determine if alcohol is influencing you or someone you love in addictive ways; special notes for teenagers; and newsletters.

Crystal Meth Resources

Resources for anyone trying to shift their relationship with crystal meth.

Overeaters Anonymous in San Francisco

Information about Overeaters Anonymous in San Francisco, including questions to help you determine if OA would be helpful for you.

San Francisco Cocaine Anonymous

Cocaine Anonymous 12-step meetings in San Francisco and other North San Francisco areas.

San Francisco Narcotics Anonymous

San Francisco Narcotics Anonymous website. For anyone who may be influenced by drugs in an addictive way.

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PsychCentral articles on parenting

A page from the PsychCentral website with articles devoted to parenting.

National Institute on Mental Health – Child and Adolescent Health

A small collection of articles on parenting and how to address the mental health needs of children & adolescents.

American Mental Health Alliance

Articles by the American Mental Health Alliance on various topics about psychotherapy in general, as well as parenting, children’s mental health, etc.

Children Booklets and Information

A web site devoted to producing booklets and information directed to children. Most focus on helping children with specific problems they may encounter, such as bullying, divorce, eating disorders, ADHD, etc.

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Couples Article

This web article discusses couples’ therapy and issues that couples may work on in psychotherapy, as researched by the American Mental Health Alliance.

Couples Information

This is an extensive compendium of articles addressing many situations that couples may encounter. Includes how to live with someone with a specific difficulty (depression, ADHD, etc.) how to learn about yourself from relationships, “how to” guides and fact sheets, etc.

Mental Health Article

A website devoted to articles about mental health. This page lists articles addressing how relationship issues can impact men and women differently. It also points to pages dealing with men’s mental health, women’s mental health, gay and lesbian relationships, etc.

MFT Qualifications

An online brochure by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. This describes the background and minimum qualifications that MFTs bring to couple’s and family work.

Information About Marriage and Family Therapy

This information from the Mayo Clinic describes the role of marriage and family therapy in helping to address issues that may arise in relationships.

Six Truths for Couples

A reprint from “Psychology Today” magazine, this article is called “Six Truths for Couples”

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EMDR Information

Webpage where many topics about EMDR are addressed by the combined staff of Great Ormand Hospital and University College, London.

EMDR International Association

Website for the EMDR International Association. Addresses many questions regarding EMDR treatment.

EMDR Overview

An overview of EMDR from WebMD, a well-renowned health website.

Phases in EMDR Therapy

A more detailed description about the phases used in EMDR therapy. Other pages on this same site address many other aspects of the treatment, including its history, research, FAQs, etc.

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California Association for the Gifted

The home page for the California Association for the Gifted. This website tends to be education -focused, including many articles addressing various options (home schooling, advancement, enrichment programs, etc) and legislation regarding gifted education. Also includes lists of scholarships available for the gifted, and links to many other web pages.

Gifted Identity and Development

A list of books, articles, and websites dealing with gifted identity and development. Special pages for parents, children, & teens.

National Association of Gifted Children

The home page for the National Association of Gifted Children. Specific pages devoted to parenting, publications, summer and enrichment programs, etc.


The home page for SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted). Specific pages addressing parenting, diagnosis, finding a qualified psychotherapist, gifted adults, and multicultural outreach.

Summer Institute for the Gifted

The home page for Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG), this lists some summer enrichment programs, both residential and day programs, across the country, run by SIG.

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Hakomi Institute

The Hakomi Institute is the original and most extensive organization providing training and information on Hakomi Experiential Psychotherapy worldwide. Their website provides in-depth info about Hakomi, including an international Directory of Practitioners, a Calendar of Workshops and Trainings with links to Hakomi organizations internationally, an online Professional Journal, and many other resources.

Hakomi Institute of California

The Hakomi Institute of California is affiliated with the Hakomi Institute in Boulder (above) and other Hakomi Institutes around the world, and is an independent, collectively run organization with a focus on providing trainings throughout CA and beyond. A list of their currently available trainings can be found here.

Hakomi Principles

Part of the transformational power of Hakomi derives from the powerful principles which form its foundation: Unity; Organicity; Mindfulness; Non-Violence; and Mind-Body Holism. Two newer principles that have become incorporated into the method are Truth and Mutability. The Original 5 principles are explained in this article.

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Individual Psychotherapy

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

From the website of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, this page addresses questions such as “What is a Marriage and Family Therapist?”, “Why use a Marriage and Family Therapist?” etc.

Choosing the Right Mental Health Therapist

Guidelines for finding the best mental health professional to meet your needs, from the Mayo Clinic.

Common Mental Health Myths

A list of common myths about mental health. Written by the Mental Health component of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Mental Health Medications

A web page from WebMD devoted to medications commonly prescribed for mental health reasons. Specific pages for each drug lists potential benefits, side-effects, etc.

National Mental Health Association

A web page of the National Mental Health Association, containing frequently asked questions and links to pages on specific topics. Includes information on depression, eating disorders, anxiety, etc.

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Fertility Plus

Fertility Plus – A non-profit website providing information written by patients, for patients about trying to conceive.

LGBTQ~Queer Parents

LGBTQ current & prospective parents may face unique challenges. This web page provides a list of resources specifically for queer (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, etc.) people who are interested in child raising and parenting.

UCSF Infertility

University of California in San Francisco (UCSF) provides infertility treatments, including male and female medical procedures. Their website includes a list of all of their services and providers. Listing this site does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of UCSF.

Surrogacy Alternatives

Surrogacy Alternatives – For families considering surrogacy, this website addresses many of the aspects involved. The information provided is a good sampling of important things to consider regarding surrogacy. Listing this site does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of Surrogacy Alternatives, Inc.

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Kink & BDSM Mental Health

Bay Area Open Minds 

BAOM is a group of San Francisco Bay Area psychotherapists and psychotherapy students who affirm that sexual and gender diversity are natural expressions of the human experience. The members of this organization have practices that welcome and serve clients who engage in consensual sexual behaviors, including but not limited to kink and polyamory; and clients who identify as gender variant.

San Francisco LeatherMen’s Discussion Group

SFLDG is an amazing resource located in San Francisco. It meets monthly as a support/education group and provides live webcasts of many of the programs. In addition, it offers a mentoring program for anyone interested in expokoring their kink identity further and developing skills; and provides speakers & educational services at other events. The archives on its website include descriptions of past programs & presenters, as well as links to recordings of them.

Huffington Post

This article reviews a recent study equating BDSM experience with better-than-average mental health.

This is another article on the same study

This article discusses BDSM experience & identity more broadly than the above Huffington post article.

BDSM Studies

A list of studies related to BDSM & Mental Health.

San Francisco Leather Alliance

The SF leather Alliance creates a welcome and supportive environment for members of the SF Bay Area leather, fetish, kink and motorcycling communities.  It facilitates community members in safely learning, growing, connecting, honoring and enjoying each other. It sponsors or is heavily involved with numerous projects: SF Catalyst, the SF Leather & LGBTQ Cultural District, leather events at local street fairs, etc.

Different Shades of Sexuality: The Psychological Aspects of BDSM

This article examines many psychological aspects of BDSM, including discussion of the novel Fifty Shades of Grey.  It includes an interview with Kasi Alexander, the author of several books and short stories about alternative lifestyles, who identifies as a submissive.

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Center for Lesbian Health Research

The website for the Center for Lesbian Health Research, at the University of California, San Francisco. This contains many articles concerning physical and mental health topics of particular relevance to lesbians.

Gay Men’s Health Information

A website devoted to gay men’s health, including mental health.

San Francisco LGBT Center

The San Francisco Lesbian and Gay Community Center often offers events concerning mental health. It also is a great resource for finding support groups, activities, and other community resources


The website for the San Francisco Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center (LYRIC). This is a community center for LGBTQ youth age 23 and under, and offers mental health services and many other programs

Bay Area Open Minds

A group of San Francisco Bay Area psychotherapists and psychotherapy students who affirm that sexual and gender diversity are natural expressions of the human experience.  The members of this organization have practices that welcome and serve clients who engage in consensual sexual behaviors, including but not limited to kink and polyamory; and clients who identify as gender variant.

 San Francisco Gay Asian Pacific Alliance

The San Francisco Gay Asian Pacific Alliance, including their events calendar. Breaking isolation is an important component of mental health for gay men and lesbians; this is one of many organizations in the SF Bay are which can help to achieve that goal.

Tom Weddell Health Center

This is the website for the Tom Weddell Health Center, which includes a Transgender Clinic

Gay Dating Sites

If you’re looking for potential partners online, you may find this site helpful. Here you’ll find information about selecting the best gay dating site for your needs, and using it safely.

UC San Francisco Alliance Health Project

The University of California San Francisco AIDS Health Project offers free support groups and short-term individual psychotherapy counseling to both individuals, and to couples. Services are available for those living with HIV/AIDS, and also anyone who is HIV-Negative and concerned about HIV risk and exposure, or wanting to remain HIV Negative.

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Relationships and Communication

Conflict Resolution Skills

A web page that disects some of the aspects of conflicts in relationship, and offers strategies for resolving them.

Effective Communication Skills

A web page that disscusses some of techniques for effective communication, whether in a business or personal relatipnship.

Bay Area NonViolent Communication

A web page of educational materials from a Bay Area organization devoted to the principles on nonviolent communication, as espoused by the international organization Center for NonViolent Communication.

Free Personality Test

A free online test site that will give you a basic idea of your personality type. This uses the Myers-Briggs personality types, based on the work of Carl Jung.

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