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Would you like to feel happier? If you’d like your days to hold more joy and peacefulness, psychotherapy can help. In therapy you can explore options, gain new skills, and address specific areas of concern.

  • Do your unique abilities leave you feeling misunderstood, or as if you don’t fit in?
  • Is your relationship less satisfying than you’d like it to be? Do you struggle to find meaningful communication and intimacy in a relationship?
  • Have you experienced trauma (an acute incident or a chronic pattern) that leaves you feeling frightened, frozen, or numb at certain times? Or perhaps you just feel depressed or unhappy more than you’d like, and can’t figure out why?
  • Are you concerned about your child or family?

Therapy can help with these situations, along with many others such as depression, anxiety, drug/alcohol/sex use; as well as prejudice and challenges that you may have encountered. You deserve to have a happy and fulfilled life, and therapy may be a tool to help you create that.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) working in Noe Valley, in San Francisco, CA. I am trained in EMDR and am a Certified Hakomi Therapist (CHT). Thanks for checking out my web site! On these pages you can find information about psychotherapy in general; details about my work and specializations;  and information about my interactive and non-pathologizing approach to therapy. If you have questions about my work, or about the articles that appear here, please contact me for a free short consultation. Also feel free to sign up to receive a copy of articles concerning mental health or parenting as they are published.

If you are putting together a speaking engagement or training, my services may also be of interest to you.

If you’d like help addressing the things that trouble you; or want to feel happier, calmer, and more excited about your life, please call or email me. In a free short consultation you can get a sense of what it might be like for us to work together. If it does not feel like we would connect in an effective and comfortable way that would help you, I will be happy to refer you to other providers who may be more suitable.