Fees ~ Insurance

Paying for Therapy

I offer an initial phone consultation at no charge. The purpose of this consultation is to determine your needs, whether we are a good match, and whether your needs fit within my scope of practice and expertise. If for any reason either of us feels we would not be the most effective team for you, I’ll be happy to refer you to a qualified provider.

If we decide to work together, my current rate is $200 per 50-minute session; payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card. Longer sessions are also possible in some situations; the charge for those are pro-rated based on this rate.  Payments are due at the time of service; special arrangements may be available if necessary.

Insurance: Cost vs. Confidentiality

Using insurance to cover therapy expenses can definitely make it more affordable; unfortunately this does require a trade-off in terms of confidentiality. When insurance companies pay for medial care, including therapy, they are legally entitled to request information about your treatment, and to impose certain restrictions. Using insurance can:

  • Require me to release some confidential information from your therapy medical records to the insurance carrier, in order for payment to be made. A diagnosis is always required; other details are sometimes required also.
  • Add a diagnosis code to your permanent medical record for a mental health condition; this can impact your ability to get health insurance or life insurance coverage in the future.
  • Require pre-authorization for services, at the beginning of treatment and over the lifetime of working together; this may impose delays.
  • Entail electronic billing that includes confidential client information. I am fully HIPPAA compliant, and use all appropriate security measures. Nonetheless, some clients are not comfortable with electronic transmission of their medical information.

If you would like to use insurance to cover all or part of your therapy fees, and are not sure when or if these situations might apply to your specific situation, please feel free to give me a call to discuss this in detail. Using insurance can be very helpful in obtaining mental health care; I present this information in the interest of helping potential clients to make an informed decision about its benefits and consequences. I will provide a monthly statement that you can submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement, to the extent to which they cover mental health. For more detail on the pros and cons of using insurance to pay for therapy, see this article.

If you are considering therapy, but are concerned about the cost or about using insurance, please call me. I will be happy to discuss in detail any insurance or financial concerns you may have. In some cases it may be appropriate to meet less frequently than weekly; or for short-term therapy involving a pre-determined number of sessions. If we are unable to find a mutually agreeable fee and schedule for therapy, I will be happy to give you referrals to other resources, or to help you to locate an alternative provider.

Trainings and Development

Training programs vary in cost based on the length of training program, from a one-hour course to multiple-days, and on the specific needs of your business. My rates are very competitive.
Please contact me for a free consultation and pricing details based on your specific training needs.

Supervision and Consultation

My fee for Consultation is $200 / hour. For ongoing supervision, I would be happy to develop a quote based on frequency, situation, and expertise demanded.