Teaching ~ Training

Teaching and Trainings

I have provided trainings in various settings, on different topics, for over 25 years. Groups to which I have made presentations have ranged in size from 3 to 300; and from formal PowerPoint presentations to informal round-table discussions.

Within the mental health arena, I have conducted trainings including the following topics:

  • Diversity
  • HIV / AIDS
  • Transgender Clients
  • Working with Lesbian / Gay Youth
  • Brief Therapy
  • Self-Care for Psychotherapists
  • Multicultural Awareness in Psychotherapy
  • Narrative Therapy

I am also currently employed part-time by California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) to train psychology interns in providing effective school-based psychotherapy for children. As such, I train and supervise the interns in many aspects of school-based work and in various aspects of providing ethical and effective psychotherapy.

Fees for trainings vary in cost vary in cost based on the length of training program, from a one-hour course to multiple-days, and on the specific needs of your population. My rates are very competitive.

Please contact me for a free consultation and pricing details based on your specific training needs. References available on request.