Winter Solstice 2009

in General, Poetry

As I walk toward my car, on this year’s shortest day,
Comes a craving for shelter from shopping’s mad fray.
Though the lights, trees, and holly all beckon with cheer,
All I crave is home’s haven: to drop all veneers.

So as evening quickens with deepening dusk
I anticipate calmness: escape from crowds brusque.
Not uncommon, my exit from groups or loud frays,
But unusually strong, this pull towards my heart’s maze.

When my car is attained, the calm contrast brings tears
for its stillness evokes thoughts of losses this year.
In five months my dear in-laws, (Dad-, Mom– & step-mom)
all passed on; and days still are mine fields of grief-bombs.

Still, their legacy boggles: each chose to embrace
me and call me their son, and with caring encase.
Such a gift to be loved so, from freedom of choice;
It’s grief’s balance: this welcome, in which I rejoice.

In their wake, yes, is loss; keen and broad is it’s pall,
yet this awe-wondered gratitude underpins all.
So today, shortest day, am I mindful once more
that life’s rhythms bring wisdom, if I choose to explore:

Though appearances are that both winter and death
bring an ending to all I know: surcease of breath;
both Spring’s promised renewal and memories so dear
yet compel me two-fold to succumb not to drear.

First, tomorrow will bring, past this year’s longest night
days of e’e-strengthening vigor, with warmth, hope and light
to renew, laugh, and animate: new dreams incite.

Second, knowing thus that to all life comes an end,
Let me savor each moment, and friendships attend.

As I take leave of shoppers, then, I do embrace
these reminders to seek time in each day’s quick pace
ways to cherish all those I call family and friends
noting moments of simple grace, all to transcend.