Winter Solstice 2008

in General, Poetry

The tree lights glow bright:
they’re a beacon this night
that brings hope and delight
and gives flight to dark’s blight.

By this simplest scene: lights; a tree; carols heard,
from my heart, mirror-bright, glowing warmth is bestirred.

So I wonder, for years, what was such a big deal
if our tree should artificialize or stay real?
Yes the absence of fir-scent this year’s a bit sad,
but to leave forest hills undisturbed? Totally rad.

And for scents, they abound and surround; no mistaking
our traditions: jam-making and chocolate-chip baking.
So sugary cinnamon, chocolate, and spice
fill our home with aromas that soothe and entice.

‘Mid these scents flow the crystalline light and crisp air
that suffuse this short day with stark beauty laid bare.
As dusk falls, glowing peace emanates from our tree;
though man-made and unchanging, its magic flows free.

Then I smile as this truth resonates through my core,
that the form matters not, for whate’er its allure
it’s a symbol’s intent that crafts meaning from lore
such as tree lights this shortest night bringing hope to the fore.

At the foot of this tree on this year’s longest night
tears of joy fill my heart as I sit and I write
for I know as this dawn means days lengths’ will increase
so with focus, compassion, and love, strife will cease.

Toward that end, I renew on this night every year
(so that when, in good time, as our last days draw near
not one doubt will remain of my affection sincere)
my heart- pledge to acknowledge all friends far and near:
to not hide from conflict; to not speak from fear;
to say often and clearly that their esteem I hold dear.

With that thought, I retire and heed sleep’s bed-call,
warmly wishing you hope, health,and joy: peace to all.