Winter Solstice 2007

in General, Poetry

‘Tween dark and dark I toil each day.
As I walk, dawn and dusk, between home and work’s fray.
Though each step seems quite slow, still hours, days, weeks fly by,
and I know by this rhythm that winter is nigh.

As the nights grow, by adverts and sales I’m assailed,
and bright noisy assaults sellers weave and unveil.
Hollow promise of holiday joy and delight;
A tawdry hypnotic mock-hymn they recite.

If I slow and look inward, a primal pulse beats
that, if tended, these media illusions defeats.
To this end I sit nights near my alter of boughs
And light candles, chant softly, to Spirit arouse.

I recall dearest friends whom I love, now gone far;
and mayhaps weep, world-weary of want, waste and war.
Then the branches’ deep green and the tapers’ soft flares
reawaken faith’s wisdom to heals the day’s cares.

From the evergreen, witness: despite cold and drear,
calm persistence and focus can make my way clear.
From the flame a reminder: e’en one person’s light
can inspire; united we shine glorious bright!

So as fiery ribbons ignite the dawn sky
on this year’s shortest day, ancient trust helps decry
any fear or fatigue that these nights will not end;
new growth, vigor, and bright hearts dawn-Solstice portends.

With bright hope and deep caring, I ask then, and pray:
that each person finds peace in their heart on each day;
that dark thoughts, hates, and angers we might mill as grist,
to wage peace with others, and find joy in our midst.

Copyright December 21. 2007 Cal J. Domingue