Winter Solstice 2005

in General, Poetry

When leaving the office I’m greeted by night,
brisk darkness already awaits me.
A tip of the moon rising slow, silver-bright;
The year’s longest night has begun.

I’m distracted from tasks (shop and bake, to excess!)
and compelled by an echoing call
as my gene-mem’ry, triggered, a need resurrects,
to rest, pause, reflect, introspect.

Astronomy tells me the nadir has come,
that from this ev’ning on, light returns.
Yet lingering still in my heart: radiant awe,
at this balance we seem e’er to spurn.

Day and night, seasons’ sequence, e’en death and new birth,
all things flow, each in turn. Result: Earth.

On these rhythms depend all our lives, plans, and dreams,
yet these cadences oft we assume.
Granted, they will march on despite whate’er we do,
but what more could we do, if attuned?

Thus this pull to turn inward and gratefully pay
close attention to blessings I’m given: each day.

That by carefully choosing each act (words and deeds)
I may ever draw closer to Peace,
and to balance within, mirroring nature, that heeds,
with compassion and love, not wants: needs .

With such thoughts does this night pass, with dreams grand and small,
so I, smiling, awake before dawn.
As I start the new work-day I see in the West
setting moon, amber-bright: night has gone.

As I relish the quietude, peaceful and sweet,
within moments an east-answ’ring orb
peaks, then leaps: gold-red fire ignites heavenly feats:
flaming cloud-ribbon splendor. I weep.

For the light has returned! Once again, as years past,
to inspire, to feed, and remind.
So I smile as I turn to begin my day’s tasks,
hopeful-hearted, renewed, grateful-eyed.

Copyright Decenber 21, 2005 Cal J. Domingue