Winter Solstice 2004

in General, Poetry

These brief days tumble past, each one blurred in its turn,
as they hasten along on their wint’ry sojourn..
I see, bound for my work, Dawn come later each day,
as if dreading to slip from her cloudy duvet.

As I savor the light, growing weaker each day,
mem’ries seep, flow, then flood in an inner melee.
So the nights, long and dark, cultivate a calm stage
where remembrances march in chaotic parade.

This review of last year gives me pause and some pain
to recall the extent of discord and disdain.
When political choices shape personal lives,
tempers flare, discourse crumbles, and lecturing thrives.

In these images listening is no longer core,
where attempts to convince reign with voices stentor.
Thus communities fracture and families diverge,
from perspectives dishonored, how can trust emerge?

Midst this reverie, wisdom of old pledges hope,
that from tolerance, patience, compassion: grows hope.
‘Tis a challenge to nourish this flickering beacon
midst ego and fear whose false strength truly weakens.

So I pray that as Dawn sheds her blankets each day,
and light waxes toward Spring in a hopeful ballet,
so with burgeoning skills, kind respect, tempers reined,
may we safeguard hope’s flame, and ensure Peace’s reign.

This I wish to all families, to friends far and near
May the New Year bring plenty, good health, times of cheer.

Copyright December 21, 2004   Cal J. Domingue