Winter Solstice 2002

in General, Poetry

Wrapped in sleepy-eyed numbness, with silence replete,
in the pre-dawn, I trudged down my neighborhood street.
Both my thoughts and my feet stumbling heavy toward work
till a warbling wren snapped my senses alert.

I stood braced by brisk breath, air by car-fumes unmarred,
awed by ebony skies roped with garlands of stars.
‘Round the bay mirrored hillsides, streets strung with streetlights,
and homes twinkling, all Christmas-bright up to their heights.

Huntress moon, solstice-full, a cold ponderous white
bathed both city and bay.  Then the hillside grew bright
as Apollo’s first rays streaked the heavens with fire,
ending this longest night with a crimson-orange pyre.

Then I thought of our Norfolk, with handcrafts bedecked,
brought inside from it’s deck-home, our joys to reflect.
Flanked by altars of angels, with candles for light;
eons old, these traditions to ward off night’s fright.

On the year’s longest night, cold and dark, fear’s terrain,
mined and haunted by memories of wars, loss, and pain,
truly helpless to safeguard all those I hold dear;
Only faith can sustain me as I persevere.

Those lights kindle hope through these dark and cold years,
that we’ll reach Love’s frontier, if we conquer our fears:
Hark! The seasonal anthem is not war or strife,
but that Peace is for all, and this Earth but our fife.

So with evergreen hope I pray always to yearn
for diversity’s blessings, and Hate to unlearn.

Wand’ring thus, my thoughts wake as the fire-rose (dawn) blooms,
answ’ring candles, and lights with the promise of life.
My heart smiles in reply, from hope’s evergreen womb,
praying: “Peace be to all, and an end to all strife.”



Copyright December 21 2002   Cal J. Domingue