Winter Solstice 2001

in General, Poetry

The solstice approaches, so Sol-time wanes fleetly.
Fatigued, yet I strive to tend Yule tasks completely.
With my spirits taxed, too, by both jet-bombs and killings
and unfolding tragedies: peace shatterings.

How fragile Love seems, ties to family and friends,
In the bleak aftermath 9/11 portends.
Through what sad oxymoron our hearts now traverse,
With this Holy-day news-thrust on killing and worse.

On this year’s longest night, I chose candles and prayer
As my armor and aid to fight hatred with care:
That past mourning and blame we may yet heed the call
That leads mankind, united, toward true peace for all.

As the sunlight returns, restorative balm,
May the New Year bring ways to restore inner calm,
That we may tend our friendships with passionate care,
And find strength in Love to banish Hate’s dare.



Copyright December 2001   Cal J. Domingue