2019 Solstice Poem

in Poetry



A bright ember gleams ‘gainst the ebon sky-plain.

Then, racing, emblazens a crimson frontier.

Like wildfire devouring an arid terrain,

Sol’s celestial ascent consumes Nyx’s night-sphere.


As this year’s longest night draws to an end,

I embrace the sun’s burgeoning warmth (healing beams)

and before I commence the day’s chores to attend,

consider the outgoing year’s portents and themes.


We’ve had war ‘round the globe, & political strife

as lines have been drawn; supposed enemies blamed.

Also moments of hope and celebrations of life,

wounded friendships renewed, care and kindness maintained.<


Yet my own small world’s focus these can’t comprehend.

for me, no other thought, act or word can transcend


the death of my soul-mate, beloved husband, best friend.


I’ve been told, and believe, that such loss never wanes

though it may become easier to bear as time streams.

I’ve long known this tight kinship between love and pain.

Yet these throes, all-consuming, I’d ne’er before dreamed.



In this numb surreal landscape I can but careen;

first one step then another; in hopes I remain

on the path I’ve long charted, in mimic athene:

to act wisely, with kindness; and love’s import declaim.


I am grateful that o’er 30 years there are few

acts and words I regret, ‘tween I and he;

for our pact was to judgement and criticism eschew,

and to grow with each other in love and esprit.


In these quiet dawn-moments lies the freedom to feel,

and to be without doing, so in stillness to find,

amidst tumults of pain and a world unaligned,

a way to turn inward, humbly praying, to heal.


From my heart, shattered wide-open, I wish for you joy;

may warmth, hope and peace your own heart-song employ.