2017 Winter Solstice Poem

in Poetry



The waxing moon wafts in the span of cobalt

In a stately gavotte ‘cross the shimmering vault

With mindful reflection and prayer I exalt

In the night: beauteous, pregnant with peaceful gestalt.


Then the dawn-blossom flowers, soft petals of rose

Tipped in crimson and ochre, rich beauty bestows.

So this shortest day blooms from a calyx of fire

Joining moon’s stately dance on the field of sapphire.


As this dawn shifts the balance from long nights to days,

So my spirit finds joy in the simplest of ways:

In a candle’s bright flame; the aroma of boughs;

with loved ones: shared values and peace we espouse.


In these times of political greed and unrest

It’s a challenge to pause and find time to invest

in the peace and good will that I usually find

with the seasonal spirit of love intertwined.


Yet the message this day is resplendent of hope:

that the cold grip of Winter will soon telescope

and that Spring’s warmth and growth will shortly unfold

bringing life, light, and vigor as for centuries untold.


So with friends and companions I share this day’s theme:

That the Spring will bring succor and change by the ream.

For today I send joy, and hugs filled with peace,

May your season bring balance and love without cease.