2016 Winter Solstice Poem

in Poetry


The oceanic tides, through ceaseless psalm,
with daily ebb and flo bring balm
to restless souls and worried hearts;
Their sonorous symmetry a calm imparts.


So day and night in duet resound
and in largo rhythm craft an annual round.
On solstice exults a crescendo of Night
with a blessing of silence and introspective delight.


So I pause on this day of the year’s longest night
with reflection and prayer to wisdom invite.
For this year, unlike most, my soul finds little peace
riled by turbulent currents of political caprice.


My thoughts are not haunted by positions or jokes;
but by pain that my birth-clan would equality revoke.
With deep sorrow I withdraw from trumped family and friends
harboring hope that one day our connections might mend.


So with family of choice do I gather this night,
before an altar of boughs with candles alight.
Echoing rites ancient-born to fete and revere
Gaia’s gifts; shifting wave-like: abundant, austere.


From these cycles of nature, unrelenting and vast
do I draw inspiration and courage steadfast;
That we’ll yet find a way to elevate peace
in each heart; and to nurture it without surcease.


Thus a blessing I wish to each, every, and all:
that a season of safety and peace may befall;
and that cradled by tides and with hopeful deploy
love may nestle inside you and give birth to joy.