Winter Solstice 2012

in General, Poetry

I wake from darkness into dark,
to begin the year’s shortest day.
Under grey skies the diurnal journey embarks,
in rose, ochre, crimson array.

The ancients’ night vigil would sight each first blaze,
noting each, to determine the nadir;
the pivot upon which, e’er lengthening days
would germinate food, hope, the New Year.

My altar of boughs with candles alight
and tree with adornments and tinseled delights
echo ancient traditions of evergreens & flame:
The promise of spring, warmth, and hope to proclaim.

Each year these rites succor me, banishing pain,
yet today’s unique: doubts, qualms remain.
The shootings in Newtown, recent deaths I still grieve,
give this season a bittersweet weave.

The calendar Mayan shows this date’s the end
of all things as we know them to be.
So perhaps the uniqueness of this day transcends;
a convergence of change to decree.

What would I wish to change, or to end, if I could,
given power and chance so to do?
What demeanor’s nativity, phoenix-like, would
disperse Good; pain and want to eschew?

If this juncture births possibles, boundless and true
(and why should it not? All days do)
I would hearken to Lennon’s great unity hail
and Imagine that peace could prevail.

That we each could find courage our fears to subdue,
and see family in each stranger’s visage;
that no demons within would, projected, transmute
into foes a potential friend’s image.

So I seek the embrace of the year’s longest night.
hoping dreams artful, fertile, and bold
will inspire a path, and allegiance ignite
to each moment in patient love hold.

In this spirit I wish every person I know
To feel seen, loved, embraced, understood.
May the year this day marks, joy, health, bounty bestow.
To us all: blessings, peace, brotherhood.

Best wishes to all for a joyous and meaningful holiday; and for a New year of health, hope, and peace. Warmly, Cal